from my roadside cafe

…grass & corn & culverts
dust & dreams
you crawl past, again

inside your cage
letting the toc of times tic
slip through your fingersRead more

Part 5
– Justice –


With modern freewill’s inherent restrictions
and chaos’ influence over a deterministic slant

Can We truly understand
your own perspective well,

and its required poisoning
of the individual for societies take,
giving birth to the necessity
of a contingent court,

for which shrewdness must engage,
if nine could be either – circumspect.Read more

Part 4
– begin to know thy Self –

…now, what of causality

The external reality of cause and effect
But… does Why control your conclusions

With the denial of external stimulus as fully true
And recognized as a shadow of actuality

…then It will simply slide into the abyss of false existence
The Why… not the causation

But what will happen within virtual stimulus
When a shadow of a shadow has become Our realRead more

In quiet reflection

I sit upon my quiet bench
Lazy day falling deeper
While footfalls echo emptiness
As vacant as the voices

Some tiptoe past, coyly
Giggles hidden by hands
Eyes of polite passing
Slowly finding and forgetting

Melodies sailing along
Weaving dust with dreams
Pretense and passion mixed
Floating like the dandelion fluffRead more

Part 3
– a hint of fear, causality, choice… –


Obsession will push you through any obstacle

Awakening you from the coma of normality
Of which familiarity is the material form

Flowing from the force
Of societies moral ambiguity

For morality is Our only true Reality
And your own Morality would dictate your Truth
And give birth to the structures that my mind is able to produceRead more

…little did she know

Lost is the love you did not know
In that lofty temple of idleness

A shade of you
Unfelt and unfortunate

My worms wish to caress me
More than you ever haveRead more

Not who did I love

Not who did I love
Nor how did it start
But was she the one
Who longed to depart

Not how did she look
Nor what was her creed
But would she befriend
Those truly in needRead more

One hour

What is it about one hour of comfort
One of completeness, of needs and desires
With meaningful doubts and dreams
Moving toward an unclear end

To hold one close to your heart
Feeling the rhythm of two beats
Sealing in the warmth of your soul
In eyes of skyRead more

Part 2
– a few more steps together –


Introspection will continue apart from
and in regard to My emotional impulse

arbitrary thoughts shall be given full measure
and must be suffered to spread their wings

for imagination has the power to destroy mountains
or wasted days

a dreamers’ dream gives welcome
to limitless thoughts and unbounded creativityRead more

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